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(Green Apple/Patient Testimonials)
The Green Apple Dental group is a good place for me cos the staff always give me good service and they care a lot. Also they are professional in their work. Iwant to say thanks a lot for Dr. Jaana Ampiloquio ...
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(Green Apple/Patient Testimonials)
Oct. 14,2009 I'm Alrashidi Bade. I'm happy to you. Thank you and you very nice! from Kuwait  ...
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(Green Apple/Patient Testimonials)
... care about the patient. I am very satisfy.And my teeth are much whiter. Thank you! -Alex-  ...
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(Green Apple/Patient Testimonials)
To Green Apple, I was here in Cebu for sightseeing. I saw many thing and experienced. But the most memorable thing is taking scaling in Green Apple. I never forget that happen. Thank you for dentist ...
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(Green Apple/Patient Testimonials)
Best dental experience ever. Dr.Jaana has cured my fear of dentists. Thank you! Michael  ...
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(Green Apple/Patient Testimonials)
First really appreciate to their services, they have very good and hightech equipment. And I really thank my lovely and friendly dentist Dr. Jaana Ampiloquio and also to her assistant. They made good ...
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(Green Apple/Patient Testimonials)
Oct. 8,2009 Great! My visit to Green Apple was very pleasant. The Dr. and Staff very superb. Thank you very much. I will come again. Terry Ferguson  ...
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(Green Apple/Patient Testimonials)
10/6/2009   I have had a fear of the dentist since I was a small child. Today's experience has had given me the courage to attend the dentist again in the future. I would like to thank Aileen and Irish ...