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1. T5
(Green Apple/Patient Testimonials)
First really appreciate to their services, they have very good and hightech equipment. And I really thank my lovely and friendly dentist Dr. Jaana Ampiloquio and also to her assistant. They made good ...
2. Patient Education
(Green Apple/Dental Questions)
... offers cleaning services including removal of plaques. Gum treatment is also available. Dentists can remove food residues and other particles which are stuck in your gums. If food and other particles remain ...
3. Dental Implants
(Green Apple/Dental Services)
... preventing bone loss and helping to maintain facial features.   Dental Implant Services in Cebu City Philippines is cheaper compared to those of other countries. Many Expats or Foreigners and even ...
4. Teeth Whitening
(Green Apple/Dental Services)
  We all know that a smile is very important. It's probably the first thing you notice when you meet someone. Therefore a whiter smile can help you feel better about yourself and make a memorable ...
5. Cosmetic Dentistry
(Green Apple/Dental Services)
... and painless. For people who want results, it’s the only real answer.   Dental Services under cosmetic dentistry are:   - Composite Bonding and Sculpting, - Porcelain and Composite Veneers, - ...
6. Orthodontics / Braces
(Green Apple/Dental Services)
...  Green Apple dental offers services to install either one of these braces: - Conventional braces - Self Ligating braces - Ceramic braces - Invisible braces a.k.a. Invisalign - Retainers, and ...
7. Basic Dental Services
(Green Apple/Dental Services)
  Green Apple Dental Clinic offers to you Basic Dental Services with professionalism. This includes - Consultation - X-Ray examination - Oral Examination - Oral Prophylaxis. - Dental Fillings ...
8. Welcome to Green Apple Dental
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Welcome to Green Apple Dental Clinic Cebu   Green Apple Dental Clinic in Cebu City, Philippines is a world class dental services provider. The dental clinic is conveniently located at the Terraces, ...
9. Dental Services