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1. Panoramic Xray
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... or jaw joint problems; those who require full or partial removable dentures, dental implants, or braces; those who are at risk or suspected of having oral cancer or other tumors of the jaw, have impacted ...
2. Patient Education
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... tooth. Prosthodontics also involves the application of dentures or fake teeth. Implants or implanted tooth, which is commonly applied with dental surgery, may also fall under this dentistry department. ...
3. Dentures / False Teeth
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  When a patient no longer has any natural teeth, complete dentures are the traditional method to restore function and appearance. Many patients experience difficulty wearing conventional dentures ...
4. Welcome to Green Apple Dental
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... Dental Clinic Cebu City are: Basic Dental Services, Orthodontics / Braces, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Dentures / False Teeth, Dental Implants, Panoramic X-Ray.   For inquiries or ...