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1. The Dental Team
(Green Apple/Cebu Dentists)
Green Apple Dental Clinic Cebu takes pride in offering the highest quality comprehensive dental hygiene for your entire family using modern dental equipments and technological advancements in the area ...
2. Location: Ayala Center Mall Cebu
(Green Apple/About Green Apple)
  Green Apple Dental Clinic is located in The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu. Opened in 2008, The Terraces is now home of the best restaurants, health and wellness establishments in Cebu City.   ...
3. Facilities and Equipment
(Green Apple/About Green Apple)
... because we believe that we all deserve the best in dental care and dental treatment. Come visit us when your in Cebu City.           Using state-of-the-art dental ...
4. Panoramic Xray
(Green Apple/Dental Services)
... Pax-400C panoramic X-ray is now available in Green Apple Dental Clinic Cebu City. Come and visit us to avail of the latest equipment for your dental health.   For appointments please contact ...
5. Dr. Gammy Urbi DMD FIBO
(Green Apple/Cebu Dentists)
... board of Orthodontics, I (IAO-USA) -        Member , Quezon City Dental Society -        Member, Alexander Discipline International study Club-PS -        Member, Philippine Pediatric Dental Cooperative ...
6. Dental Implants
(Green Apple/Dental Services)
... preventing bone loss and helping to maintain facial features.   Dental Implant Services in Cebu City Philippines is cheaper compared to those of other countries. Many Expats or Foreigners and even ...
7. Teeth Whitening
(Green Apple/Dental Services)
... which is the ZOOM Teeth Whitening. In fact, we are one of the few dental clinics in Cebu City that use this top of the line Teeth Whitening Product. For more info on Teeth Whitening just send us an ...
8. Welcome to Green Apple Dental
(Uncategorised Content)
Welcome to Green Apple Dental Clinic Cebu   Green Apple Dental Clinic in Cebu City, Philippines is a world class dental services provider. The dental clinic is conveniently located at the Terraces, ...
9. The Frontdesk
(Contact / Contacts)
The Frontdesk, Frontdesk,