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Being healthy is one of the priorities one may need to maintain in his/her life. Ones health can greatly affect his/her career and performance. And of course, good health also means taking care of your teeth and gums. Here some useful information one could take advantage of to improve one’s dental health.


basic dental care

Prevention of Common Dental Diseases

They say that prevention is the best medication. Well, somehow it is quite true. In order to avoid serious dental problems such as the common tooth decay (which is the second most common disease in the world), one must be able to properly brush twice a day and floss his teeth. drinking the required amount of water everyday is also very important to maintain dental health. It is also a good practice to gargle mouthwashes which reduces the bacteria presence in the mouth. Sugar-free chewing gums also help increase saliva secretion which can help in reducing acid activity.

The main idea is to reduce the acidic activity that is present in one’s mouth. Some particular form of sugar reacts with saliva and produces acidic reactions, so that is why it is best to drink water to flush down sugar and food particles. The bacteria from plaques secretes acidic substance harmful to teeth enamel causes tooth decay and cavities. If plaque remains too long on the tooth, it becomes tartar, which grows beneath the gum line, damages and infects gums.

Regular check up and dental cleaning is also necessary. You have to schedule a monthly visit to the dental clinic to have your dental health diagnosed. The Green Apple Dental Clinic offers cleaning services including removal of plaques. Gum treatment is also available. Dentists can remove food residues and other particles which are stuck in your gums. If food and other particles remain in the gums, it may lead to a very serious gum infection and bleeding.


Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, and Cosmetic Dentistry

Orthodontics treats people who suffer from defective bites or malocclusions. People with defective or improper bites have tooth which are horribly arranged. Some have improper biter bites due to the excess sizes of growing tooth or perhaps, the persons, jaws are too small to have the right number of teeth. Orthodontic treatments involve using of these wired objects called Braces and Retainers. Braces are different in appearance from Retainers; however, both treatments have the same goal, to correct bite deformity.

A few years ago, orthodontic treatments were only applied to children, teens and young adults, whose permanent teeth are still in development. But today, modern clinics like Green Apple Dental can now have adults as candidates for orthodontic treatments. They offer a wide variety of braces designs, and even an invisible brace called the Invisalign.

Prosthodontics, on the other hand specializes in the treatment of severely damaged teeth, and restoration or improvement of the oral appearance and function. Treatments include repairing of heavily cracked or chipped tooth. Prosthodontics also involves the application of dentures or fake teeth. Implants or implanted tooth, which is commonly applied with dental surgery, may also fall under this dentistry department.

Lastly, cosmetic dentistry stresses more on the one’s teeth appearance. Green Apple Dental clinic offer these services under this category. This includes teeth whitening and Veneers. Cosmetic dentistry actually falls somewhere in the middle of the 2 categories mentioned above, slightly inclined more towards Prosthodontics. If you have a severely stained or chipped tooth, the best treatments may be bonding and stain removals. If your teeth is not naturally white, you could go for teeth whitening or veneers.







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Dr. Rey is a remarkable

Dentist, Has a lot of patience and explains procedures concisely.

Would definitely recommend this place to all the cabin attendants I fly with and would love to come again for periodic check-ups.

The Ambience of the clinic doesn't really make it like one of the regulars to which your so afraid to visit.

All the best...

Natasha Lobo

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