Facilities and Equipment of Green Apple Dental Clinic Cebu



Green Apple Dental Clinic is a specialized dental health provider which promises to produce healthier, whiter teeth and whiter smiles for everyone! We use only the best equipment and materials because we believe that we all deserve the best in dental care and dental treatment. Come visit us when your in Cebu City.







Using state-of-the-art dental equipment and having a dental team of qualified dental specialists Green Apple Dental Clinic guarantees gentle and painless dental treatment providing the very best quality in all aspects of dental care within a friendly and caring environment.









State of the art sterilization technique




VATECH Pax-400C panoramic xray









VATECH Pax-400C panoramic xray











Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening








Zoom Teeth Whitening

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Rey is a remarkable

Dentist, Has a lot of patience and explains procedures concisely.

Would definitely recommend this place to all the cabin attendants I fly with and would love to come again for periodic check-ups.

The Ambience of the clinic doesn't really make it like one of the regulars to which your so afraid to visit.

All the best...

Natasha Lobo

Payment Options

Green Apple Dental Clinic Cebu
accept Major Credit Cards
Green Apple Dental Clinic accepts all Major Credit cards.
Money Changers are also available a few meters away from the Dental Clinic.